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Patti Lynch

Women’s Advisory Group

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels



Up until August 2015, my experience with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels revolved around my mother’s heart and atrial fibrillation.  She would go in and out of the Hospital, but her condition was mostly manageable with medication.  The thing that always impressed me was that the nurses prayed over her and with us every time she was admitted – and—every time she was ready to leave.

On August 03, 2015 my best friend and husband, Patrick Lynch, Jr., came up to me while I was having my morning coffee and said he had a bad feeling in his chest and also a bad headache.  Living right up the street from CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels, it was a no-brainer – that was where we were heading.

“He didn’t try to talk over my head, and he looked me in the eyes.”

As soon as we walked in the Emergency Room, Patrick was taken immediately back to be checked and whisked up to the Cath Lab.  I was escorted to a Cardiovascular Waiting Room and was told that I would soon hear from the doctor.  The physician met me and immediately put me at ease by explaining “Heart Attack of your Most Loved One 101.” He didn’t try to talk over my head, and he looked me in the eyes.

patrick lynch
Patrick Lynch takes part in his cardio-rehab program, specifically designed around him.

Patrick was then taken to the Intensive Care Unit, where we had the most caring ICU nurses I have ever had the privilege to know.  They, too, took the time to keep Patrick comfortable and me in the loop.  I know that doctors are a huge part of making a hospital good, but the nurses are the ones that keep that boat afloat!  They are there 24/7 and CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels should be very proud of their Associates and the care and devotion they show to each of their patients.

When we moved to New Braunfels from Dallas, I soon found myself expecting our third baby.  I didn’t know anyone, much less have a doctor.  When I delivered my sweet girl, she and I were the only people in the maternity ward.  I thought it was very quaint that I could just go stand at my door and have all the nurses’ attention.

Now, 25 years later, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels is no longer a quaint hospital.  It has grown as our town of New Braunfels has grown.  I am beyond grateful that we have a place to go where we can get the finest medical care available, right here at home!

About CHRISTUS Santa Rosa

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System was founded in 1869 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. The sisters heeded the call from the Catholic bishop of Texas to care for the multitude of sick, infirm, and orphaned in the Texas frontier. When the sisters arrived in San Antonio, the population was only 12,000 and there was no public hospital - until the sisters founded CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital.

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