Why breast cancer navigators will change your life

By Tiffany Mayne
Women’s Advisory Group
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Branfels

Like so many of you, we live here by choice. We weren’t born in New Braunfels, but we got here as fast as we could! Most of us are very intentional about all things “New Braunfels.” But, when it comes to healthcare, many folks forget to look here first. The idea that better healthcare comes from the big city is a myth. We have incredible resources right here in our own backyard and they are multiplying every day.

Before joining the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels Women’s Advisory Group, what I knew about our hometown hospital was based on my personal experiences: One unplanned trip to orthopedic medicine, two successful visits to their state of the art catheterization lab with close family members, and two very exciting visits to labor and delivery. When my son arrived almost four weeks early, Dr. Blair and the CHRISTUS team sprang into action. I can’t sing their praises loud enough! The power of prayer and the blessings of great medical staff were huge factors in both of my L&D experiences. I’ll tell you more about that next time. This month, I have to share what I’ve just learned about the amazing breast cancer care program now available at CHRISTUS!

First, the scary news: This year, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Somehow, some way, breast cancer is coming for us, our sisters, our moms, or our best friends. One in eight! That’s frightening!

Here’s the good news: When detected early, most breast cancer is 100 percent treatable. By simply making mammograms more convenient and by making treatments easily accessible, we make early detection very possible!  As a woman facing that startling one in eight statistic, I think we need to do our homework before we’re called to the mat. That’s exactly what CHRISTUS has been up to!

For the last two years, they’ve been preparing for the fight by developing a comprehensive breast cancer program, making the highest quality of care available in our community. The idea that we have to travel to the big city for the best breast cancer care simply isn’t true.

From diagnosis to survivorship, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa already has experts in position to start fighting the fight right alongside you from day one by offering 2D and 3D mammogram screenings, the latest in image-guided biopsies with incredibly quick turnaround times, and a team approach to your care. Every person involved in your care sets aside time to assess your specific case. They treat as a team and follow through as a team. That’s crucial!

They’ve even created a special position on their care team, a Breast Cancer Navigator. This is someone dedicated to not only offering emotional support, but who also gets down to business on the patient’s behalf. The Navigator will coordinate breast cancer appointments, sort through insurance, answer questions, line-up transportation if needed – even help uncover grant money to assist with financial assistance.

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa brings tender loving care, the latest technology and a world-class medical team together so you can focus on the fight, without leaving home. That’s powerful medicine and its right here in New Braunfels.

About CHRISTUS Santa Rosa

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System was founded in 1869 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. The sisters heeded the call from the Catholic bishop of Texas to care for the multitude of sick, infirm, and orphaned in the Texas frontier. When the sisters arrived in San Antonio, the population was only 12,000 and there was no public hospital - until the sisters founded CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital.

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  1. Henri Farmer

    This is the first I have heard about the special position of navigator at Christus. Sounds like a great time to create this new attitude toward women with cancer. Hooray for Christus Santa Rosa!

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